Authorized Inspection Associates, LLC


Question 2. Why choose Authorized Inspection Associates, LLC?

Unlike most of our competition, we are owned and managed by trained and experienced Inspection personnel. This means that you have easy access to answers to any issues whether technical, accounting, scheduling or personnel related. This also allows us to focus our efforts on serving our customers and keeping our overhead low which, in turn, allows us to keep YOUR costs lower.


*  No Retainers - No charges for any periods that you don't use our services. This can be a significant savings over our competitors during months that you might not have any active Code work.

*  No Hourly Minimums - We charge by the single hour, not by two or four-hours minimums.

*  No Minimum contract term - This means that we have to satisfy our customers every time we provide service, not just when it gets close to the end of a long-term contract.

*  We are happy to provide references from some of our many satisfied customers.